Hey there! Growing up in Salem, Tamil Nadu, I was surrounded by a burst of colors that totally grabbed my attention. I was that kid who wasn't really into books, but I was all about colors, art, and painting.
Colors have always been my thing. They're like whispers of stories that only the heart can hear. It all started with me helping out with our family's shopping trips, always on the hunt for the perfect hues. Little did I know, that was just the beginning of my journey into creating Ekanta.
Starting Ekanta right out of my garage after getting hitched was a dream come true, driven by my lifelong love for vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Even with all the crazy challenges, like the whole global pandemic thing, we never lost sight of our dedication to making top-notch stuff that's real and authentic.
Ekanta isn't just a fashion brand to me; it's a piece of my soul that I'm sharing with you. Each design is like a vibrant canvas, painted with the colors that have always captured my heart. Every piece has its own tale to tell.
I'm lucky to be on this journey with an incredible team of ten women and two awesome men. They're not just coworkers; they're like family. Together, we're all about creating pieces that are more than just clothes—they're stories that celebrate where you come from and who you are.
So, I'm extending a warm invitation for you to join our journey. Let's weave some stories together, celebrating your heritage and identity with every outfit. Come on board, and let's make some colorful memories! 🎨
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